Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Sniper Executed

Sniper John Allen Muhammed was executed this evening.

When he was shooting people in Maryland, DC, and Virginia, I was six months pregnant with Conor. My clearest memory was of being such an easy target when I went to get gas. There was just so much of me and I moved slowly. People on the radio recently were talking about constantly moving and ducking down when getting the gas nozzle out of the car, but I couldn't do that. I remember feeling so exposed.

The long weekend of Columbus Day, we were clearing out our basement, doing a bit of 'nesting' for the baby coming. There was a lot of junk to throw out and a lot of stuff to be stored. We planned to go to the local Home Depot to get basement shelves and plastic storage tubs but never got around to it. That weekend Linda Franklin was shot in the parking lot coming out of that Home Depot.

I have great compassion for the young man that Muhammed corrupted, and I have great sadness for the pain, anger and confusion in Muhammed's own mind. May he now be free from suffering and pain.

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